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20.06.2007 | 12:21
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Para quem estava preocupado com hotel, afinal pareceu-me muito agradável:

We are a group of 4 from Warrington England aged 20-26 we stayed at the hotel 28th Mayy to 11th June 2006.
We have been to a few all inclusive hotels in Cuba and Dominican Republic

Once you leave the main road you will find the road becomes very bumpy but this road is not owned by the hotel so don’t worry this is not a sign of what is to come.
We arrived at 15:00, checked in straight away and shown to our rooms.
We were in building 35 rooms 3501, 3511 and 3521.
The building is a 2min walk away from the lobby and I would say 5 mins at the most to the beach. There is a pool over the back with a swim up bar (2 mins away) and there are golf carts for the lazy/drunk people
The rooms were fantastic, clean, the air con worked, even turning it off at night as it was too cold. The water in the bathroom was fine no pressure problems. The rooms are a good size the mini bar was re-stocked every other day with beer, Pepsi, 7up fizzy orange, and water, the room’s cleaned and fresh towels daily.
We had a Jacuzzi room on the top floor of building 35 which is the size of 2 standard rooms; the Jacuzzi was outside on the balcony over looking some of the natural wooded area in the hotel. The hot water in the Jacuzzi was slightly brown, but I ran the cold water which turned out to be slightly warm anyway and had my Jacuzzis to be honest it wasn’t that cold and was nice after sitting in the sun all day very relaxing.
Depending which room you’re in depends which channels your TV picks up. We had different channels to my sister but the common channels are CNN and the American Network the reception is not brilliant but I never went on holiday to watch TV and it does have a remote control.
There is a hair dryer in the bathroom which works well. It is slower than what I am used to because the voltage is 110 there (240 at home) so any hair dryers you take will run slower so use the space in the suitcase for something else, there is no iron in the room but there is an alarm clock its not plugged in when you arrive but works well!!!
The safe for the room is free to use, there are 2 ways to use it with your room key for your own pin number which you set every time you lock it.

Food and Drink
The main buffet;
Food was very good but it did become repetitive after a while. I do understand that cooking for a large number of people limits your options and that they have to please everyone. Breakfast was fresh fruit, yogurts, bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, pancakes, potato wedges, and vegetables. Lunch had Burgers, fries, pizza, chicken, beef, and vegetables. Evening meal was similar to lunch but they had a meat/fish which changed everyday (very nice) there was vegetables potatoes, pasta in a sauce or plain, pork, beef and chicken every night and there was always a sea food dish, ice cream, fresh fruit.
We found that the service was slow in here and we just got our own drinks from the machines as felt like we were being ignored I don’t know if it was because we were young or if there was a confusion over which waiter/ess should be serving out drinks. The last 2 meals we eat in their there was a head waiter who told us to sit down and he would bring the drinks he did then it appeared he was ‘having words’ with the other waiters and then our drinks were topped up without any problems.
Every Wednesday night is Mexican night the food doesn’t change a great deal they add a few spices to the chicken but you much try the beef fajitas.
The Italian buffet
I found this disappointing but it was nice. We ate at the main buffet most nights.
Mediterranean a la carte;
This is mainly a seafood restaurant and I am not a great lover of seafood but the rest of the party thought the food was really nice (crab, squid, etc) and the service was fantastic
Oriental a la carte;
This is a fantastic I wish we could have gone more often. Well once I sorted out the chopsticks it was great. Sushi was on the table while we decided what to eat; we had soup, rice with pork, beef and shrimp and deep fried ice cream for dessert.
Streak house a la carte;
Again this was really nice, you could see your steak getting cooked it was lovely the service was great.
I can’t fault any of the a la carte restaurants.
Shame there was not a Mexican a la carte.

The bars I will comment in general as there are so many you can do a bar crawl!
All the staff worked very hard and were good at what they do (remembering all those cocktails) there is times when the bars get busy and you find people not waiting their turn shouting at the staff and clicking their fingers! I don’t know how the staff didn’t say something I nearly did!! But the staff do try to serve people in turn it’s just rude to push in and I have to say it was Americans who were doing the jumping and clicking but I know its not all Americans before I upset anyone.
The staff at the swim up bar at pool 3 Martin etc are fantastic.
If you ask for vodka and coke you will get the local brand if you want Smirnoff ask for it (this goes for any spirit).

The entertainment team worked really hard we would see them doing the activities during the day then again in the night time shows, I think they only get 1 day a week off as well as they seamed to be there every night.
The shows were your typical nightly shows.
Broadway, traditional Mexican dancing, Mr and Mrs Sandos, films, magical, and a few more.
There are 10 total I think so some are duplicated over the 2 weeks.
The 2 I really enjoyed are the films where they make fun of 6 films, blues brothers, the body guard, titanic, sister act, dirty dancing and YMCA. I won’t spoil it and tell you what happens. The other show was the magical show (I think) there were 2 blokes who basically were FANTASITIC you cant miss this show.
There is a disco on site from 11 till 2 it doesn’t get very busy which is understandable as there are a lot of families and ‘older’ people there who the disco doesn’t appeal to. When we went we had a laugh there wasn’t many people dancing don’t know if that was the music or what. The music is on a tape and it’s the same every night.

Beach and pools;
The beach was nice, clean and loads of sun chairs we never had a problem getting one. There are areas sectioned off for swimming in the sea and for the water sport makes sense prevents people getting run over by a kayak! There are lots of fish in the sea which swim around you if you stay still long enough brilliant! There is no seaweed on the beach as it gets racked up every morning. If you walk along the beach for 5-10 mins you can see evidence of Wilma as there is still rubble and things like that on the beach. This part of the beach does not belong to the hotel so why should they clean it up?
All the pools (all 4) open 8am-8pm are kept clean and tidy. There are loads of sun chairs the chairs at the main pool are taken early about 8ish but you can still find places by other pools if you want a late start one morning.

Spa and Gym;
There are pools in the spa area which you can use for free they are jacuzzi style pools and are great for relaxing it is empty during the day and gets a bit busier about 5-6pm. The gym is very modern air conditioned and never got busy. Steam and Sauna are also in the spa area at the very back as you walk in.

Hotel grounds;
The grounds are very natural we had the pleasure of walking past lizards, crabs turtles whenever we went anywhere. Feeding the turtles and fish bread became a daily routine for us.
The hotel staff clean the paths every day and always say Hola as you pass. There are some uneven areas on the paths and the wooden bridges are uneven and obviously slippy if wet.
Because it’s a natural area there are mosquito’s so wear insect repellent we took a repellent with 50% DEET (the ingredient which repels them) and never had a problem. The problem was the night I forget to spray and I got 22 bites that night!

We went to xel-ha and tulum, this trip we had 4 hours snorkelling in Xel-ha then on to the ruins at tulum, I don’t think I could of stayed at either for a full day so half day at each was right for us. We also went to Coba, climbed the temple, went round a mayan village then went for a swim in and underground cave, brilliant enjoyed every minute of it.
We booked our trips through our travel agent First Choice/Signature once we got there.

Going to Play del Carmen; (5th Ave) 10 mins away
The hotel provides a bus going to PDC leaves the hotel at 10, 12, 2, 4 and returning 11, 1, 3, and 5. there is a queue for the bus so get there 5-10 mins before and you wont have a problem, it was a coach so there were enough seats for everyone the times we went.
A taxi is 10usd each way and we never had a problem with them. We got the free bus there and a taxi back so we could return when we wanted to and not wait around.
The shopping is great but you must barter as the prices are marked up, I brought something that was marked 1500 pesos for 350 pesos so please barter. You don’t get bothered while walking down the street she shop owners do not leave there door ways they do yell and ask you to go to their shop but with so many shops they need to get business some how.
The night life is good and there are so many places to choose from. We enjoyed senor frogs, if you go and get a cocktail in the yard glass take the glass home they are souvenirs!!