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Brainstorm with Connect 4 online.

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Originally, this type of chess was played with Go pieces (white and black pieces) on a Go board (19x19). Black goes first, and the players take turns placing one of their pieces on the empty intersection. The winner is the first person to get a continuous sequence of four horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pieces with no headshots. If one is blocked, the player needs to have a sequence of five consecutive cards to win. If the sequence of five consecutive pieces is blocked at both ends, the game continues. Once placed, the pieces cannot be moved or removed from the board.
Number of players: 2 people
Actively attack and actively corner the opponent.
Surely those who have played connect 4 chess know the saying "dangerous chess", which shows that the initiative when playing Connect 4 chess is very high. To always prevail, players must know how to actively attack the opponent first with dangerous positions that are suddenly observed or devised. Active attack also means knowing how to immediately block the possible dangers of the opponent's positions.
Once you have blocked the opponent's dangerous positions and your position has many moves, that's when you need to rely on your own Connect 4 Chess experience to attack quickly, making the opponent unable to catch up. Turn your hand, lose your temper, and, of course, you will not be able to see your dangerous position in time, leading to loss.
Cross attack: a surprising way to play connect 4 chess
Cross-attack is a simple but very effective way to play connect-four chess, just by having players connect from any horizontal or vertical piece and deploy on different diagonals outward.

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Acho que o jogo the backrooms também é ótimo e uma boa opção para jogos de fuga. Você sentirá o ritmo e a imagem mudar ritmicamente para criar obstáculos para o personagem. Saindo do labirinto com sucesso

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I fancy playing this game of Connect 4 Chess with its unique rules and strategies, especially the cross-attack approach that adds an exciting crossover grid twist to the gameplay.

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Each player places their checkers from the lowest row until the highest one only up. The goal is to align four checkers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.